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Aqua Villa Jai I

Nestled in the lush hills of Koh Samui, Aqua Villa Jai 1 offers a luxurious tropical retreat like no other. This stunning three-bedroom villa boasts a private saltwater pool, where you can cool off while taking in breathtaking views of the sparkling sea. The saltwater provides a rich source of magnesium, allowing you to rejuvenate your body as you bask in the sun or enjoy a refreshing dip.
Spacious Living, Five-Star Comfort
Spread out in the ample living and dining areas, perfect for hosting small gatherings or just relaxing in style. The fully-equipped kitchen with modern appliances lets you whip up delicious meals, making your stay feel like a true home away from home.
Location, Location, Location
Just steps from the shimmering ocean, Aqua Villa Jai 1 places you in the heart of Koh Samui’s paradise. Whether you seek a short rejuvenating escape or an extended island adventure, this villa ensures a memorable vacation experience.
Book your slice of heaven at Aqua Villa Jai 1 today. Luxury, privacy, and tropical bliss await.

Villa highlights

Villa Services

Jai 1 - Rooms

3 Ample Sleeping Suites

Luxurious Family Suites

Aqua Villa Jai 1 proudly presents its two exquisite family suites, each a sanctuary of opulence and comfort. These expansive suites are thoughtfully designed for the ultimate indulgent experience, featuring plush king-size beds draped in luxurious high-thread-count linens, promising a serene night’s rest under the gentle caress of cool sea breezes.

Awaken to the embrace of the warm tropical sun and the invigorating scent of the sea as you open the windows to a new day. Each suite includes an attached ensuite bathroom, a haven of modern elegance, offering a spa-like atmosphere complete with sophisticated fixtures and a sumptuous walk-in shower to refresh both mind and spirit.

The suites offer abundant space to relax and rejuvenate. Enjoy a cozy movie night in the comfortable sitting area or venture onto the private balcony to take in the stunning panoramas of Koh Samui’s verdant slopes and the sparkling dance of the ocean waves.

Perfect for both a secluded romantic getaway or a memorable family holiday, these family suites at Aqua Villa Jai 1 guarantee a stay enveloped in comfort and extravagant island splendor.

Twin Bedroom Oasis

Peaceful Twin Bedroom Oasis

Unwind in the serene twin bedroom at Aqua Villa Jai 1, a peaceful oasis designed for total relaxation. Two plush beds outfitted with luxuriously cozy bedding invite you to sleep in while listening to the gentle sounds of the nearby ocean.

This spacious bedroom features an ensuite bathroom, providing the utmost privacy and convenience during your stay. Start your mornings refreshed with an invigorating shower in the modern bathroom facilities.

Whether traveling with family or a friend, this tranquil twin bedroom guarantees a rejuvenating experience. Let the calming ambiance and ample room allow you to truly unwind in sublime comfort.

From the moment you arrive until you bid the island farewell, Aqua Villa Jai 1’s twin bedroom ensures your accommodations are a sanctuary of laidback luxury.

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